Let them eat cookies!

This is happiness.

Happiest thoughts about your special celebration will be in my mind while making your cookies.

Often complimented as little gems, these cookies make the best party favors as they are not only delicious treats, they can be designed and created to enhance the theme decor in an event. Placed decoratively among a table setting, they instantly become conversation pieces as soon as the guests see them. I just love making them. I love making them to match a cake, or a tower of cupcakes. The tiny decorative pieces can add a lot of cheer and turn a simple party into a wow festivity. And as many cookie cutters there are out there, and icing colors to mix, the possibilities are just endless.

My baking philosophy: Choose the best ingredients, always. I will never sacrifice quality for the cost. I enjoy it so much hearing people say how they liked my baked goods both for the delicious taste and how it's beautifully done.

Let them eat cookies!
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